Application Administration


To provide Vitalware application managers with an understanding of the processes required in the configuration and customization of the system.


A one day workshop; each attendee has exclusive access to a PC running the Vitalware client and an appropriate browser. PCs are networked to a server machine on which the Vitalware server and database engine are installed. Each attendee has access to a complete Vitalware system, including the backend databases.


How to use Vitalware

Course Outline:

  • Using the KE Vitalware Registry
    • Overview of the Registry
    • The Registry Structure
    • How the Registry hierarchy works
    • How to search for a Registry entry
    • How to add a new Registry entry
  • Creating users and groups
    • The KE Vitalware permissions model
    • How to create a user and a group
  • Defining user and group access permissions
    • Description of access permissions
    • How to define operation privileges
  • Setting tab options
    • Description of tab switching
    • How to define a tab-switching entry
    • How to define a tab order display entry
  • Setting field options
    • How to define a mandatory field
    • How to define a unique-valued field
    • How to set up auto-incrementation on a column
    • How to define default values
    • How to enable/disable auto fill for a field
  • Setting Lookup List options
    • How to use the Lookup Lists module
    • How to define Lookup List update access
  • Setting display, search and copy options
    • How to set automatic case conversion for a column
    • How to set the Also Search function
    • How to set the Ditto options
  • Setting up reports and system entries
    • Overview of the Registry entries required to set up reports
    • How to define Date Format entries
  • Setting multimedia options
    • How to set up multi-resolution and additional document formats for images
    • How to set the multimedia resource location settings
    • How to set partitions in the multimedia repository
  • Using the Admin Tasks module
    • How to add a new Admin Task to the Admin Tasks module
    • How to create a report using Microsoft Excel
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