Vitalware offers Registries a comprehensive records management system with the following benefits:

  • Full support for structured, semi-structured, multimedia and free text information or any combination of these.
  • The ability to manage small to large volumes of information and provide extremely fast retrieval from even massive collections of information. Vitalware is unique in becoming faster as queries become more complex, delivering fast, online insertions and updates.
  • Unlimited length text fields with full index and no limit to the number of fields in a table.
  • Implemented under most versions of Unix and is available on a wide range of hardware. Despite the broad range of supported platforms and architectures, Vitalware databases are completely portable between machines running the system.
  • All fields in a Vitalware table may be indexed without performance or disk storage penalties, allowing for every field to be queried.
  • N-tier Java web interfaces are built into the core product and are easily customised.
  • Commitment to ongoing system development.