Web Apps for External Stakeholders

External stakeholders - patrons and third party data providers - access Vitalware through a suite of customisable web applications in three broad categories:

Web Apps
  • Online Notification of a Life Event
    Separate applications are provided for the notification of birth, death, stillbirth, marriage and civil union events. An application for District Registrars of decentralised Registries is also provided.
  • Online Index Browsing And Online Ordering
    A web interface for the retrieval and viewing of historic index records and ordering of associated products. An Application for Service web application can be used internally or at remote offices for ordering products for contemporary registrations, as well as providing services to the general public. Orders can be tracked with the Order Status web application.

The web applications are configured to meet the requirements of each Registry.

Vitalware web applications are:

  • Fully customisable modules providing control of all aspects of the web application.
  • Designed using an N-tier architecture, allowing full separation of data, business logic and presentation.
  • Rigorously tested by external IT security consulting companies.
  • Written in Java for maximum security and portability.
  • Hardened against all contemporary web attacks using OWASP approved strategies.
  • Built using standards based solution design.