A full Point-Of-Service (POS) module

POS vecVitalware incorporates a full Point-Of-Service (POS) module to manage all product purchases and applications for services (certificates, changes of name, adoptions, disinterments, etc.), including fees collected and disbursed. Applications can be routed to specific users or groups for ongoing processing.

The POS module is designed to operate across all registration modules and their associated products. Full transaction details can be entered, including the applicant’s name and address. Any number of individual line items can then be attached to the transaction. Line items are interactively created and allow the operator to browse the associated registration modules to select the appropriate record. One or more products can then be selected for identified registrations. Separate delivery addresses can be recorded for each line item.
The transaction record includes a total of the cost of production of each line item in the transaction. The final section of the transaction record is the financial details. This can include cash, cheque, credit and debit card payments.

On commitment of the transaction, the electronic products are automatically generated. A receipt for the transaction is also produced.

The POS financial section includes support for acceptable over and under payment, the recording of refunds due and the suspension of a transaction due to insufficient funds. Each transaction is assigned a unique identifier that can be used in any subsequent correspondence, balance or audit process.

The POS module is suitable for use for across the counter, mail and telephone applications. Batch requests can be also be accepted.

The POS module includes a suite of financial reports including total income by area/operator for any given period, audit trails, balance and out-of-balance reports, etc.

The POS module is extensible and can interface with third party applications such as Oracle Financials.

Proof of identity

Vitalware’s POS module can be configured to require and record Proof of Identity details for applicants. Thus the Registry can ensure that identity documents such as birth certificates are issued only to valid applicants who have a right to receive them.

The proof of identity facility can incorporate complex heuristics which enforce the requirement for applicants to produce a valid combination of identity documents (e.g. passport and driver’s licence and credit card, etc.).