What is Vitalware?

Faq generalVitalware is the world's foremost Vital Records Management System (VRMS) with the flexibility and ease of use necessary for day-to-day management of vital statistics information. It securely manages the records, business operations and relationships of Vital Records Agencies. With minimal training, staff can quickly record, validate, retrieve, update, certify, issue and share registration and health information about all life events, as well as manage the many relationships with internal and external stakeholders. Robust validation and cross-referencing ensure accurate data entry and eliminate duplicates.

An integrated Point-Of-Service (POS) system supports all Registry transactions; immediate certificate production enables rapid application fulfillment; an integrated mail handling application provides same day service for postal requests for certificates; and secure web access provides registration and enquiry services to external stakeholders.

Every aspect of Vitalware’s vital records management, from data entry to the electronic transmission of data, is implemented within a robust security model designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent access to or use of a Registry’s records.

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Vitalware is developed by Axiell (formerly KE Software). We have been involved with the management of vital records since 1988 when we developed a VRMS for the Australian state of Victoria. This system has been enhanced and upgraded regularly and is still in operation today. We have subsequently installed our VRMS in eight countries, including Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Today we have more vital records installations in operation than any other software vendor, and our software handles more than two million transactions annually and manages over 100 million records. Vitalware is the foremost enterprise-strength Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) VRMS available.

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