The World's Leading Vital Records Management System

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BDMVitalware is a comprehensive vital records management system that securely manages the records and business operations of Vital Records Offices and Registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Designed to manage record collections from small to massive in size, Vitalware provides the flexibility and ease of use necessary for day-to-day management of vital statistic information.

Vitalware enables vital statistics offices to record, validate, retrieve, update, certify, issue and share registration and health information about all life events, including: births, deaths, marriages, civil partnerships, divorces, foetal deaths (stillbirths), induced termination of pregnancy (ITOP), adoptions and changes of name.

Security features designed to reduce the risk of fraudulent access to or use of a Registry’s records are incorporated into Vitalware, and include:

Fraud lock
  • Ensuring all and only actual events are accurately recorded
  • Ensuring only valid certificates are issued to authorised applicants
  • Verifying certificate details after certificates have been issued

Vitalware serves critical business functions and provides staff with instant responses to almost all queries.

POS vecAn integrated Point-Of-Service system provides support for all Registry transactions.

CertificatesThe production of certificates is handled immediately, enabling application turn-around times of a few seconds. A comprehensive mail handling application provides same day service for postal requests for certificates and, through integrated, secure web access, Vitalware can provide a range of registration, sales and enquiry services to external stakeholders.

The flexibility and speed of implementation of Vitalware enable vital statistics offices to develop new business services that quickly recoup their costs and provide ongoing revenue for other projects. Vitalware users have typically experienced full cost recovery for their installations within two years due to greater efficiencies working alongside new and enhanced services they are able to offer.

Vitalware systems are installed in vital statistics offices in seven countries, including the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.