Certificate Production

A certificate production subsystem supports a large suite of standard, certified and commemorative certificates, all of which can be tailored to the requirements of any jurisdiction.

Electronic signatures and seals can be included on certificates in a secure and traceable way.


Examples of Standard Certificates generated by Vitalware.  


Examples of Commemorative Certificates generated by Vitalware.

Certificates can be produced from images of registration documents and can also have electronic signatures and seals, or other forms of watermarking, incorporated on them.

If a certificate cannot be produced at the time of receipt of the transaction (e.g. birth event not yet registered or paper-based record not yet digitised), Vitalware automatically completes these transactions as soon as the certificate can be produced. Vitalware can also generate follow-up correspondence as required.

Certificate Production Audit

AuditThe certificate production subsystem includes a comprehensive audit trail of all certificates produced. This information includes the user performing the operation, the date and time that the product was produced, the type of product, the event registration number and the registrant’s name (e.g. name appearing on the produced certificate) and the security stock number on which the certificate was produced.

Vitalware tracks information about all issued, destroyed and otherwise consumed certificates. Vitalware includes a module that provides certificate security stock inventory control. This module tracks and reports information about unused certificate stock in addition to issued, destroyed and otherwise consumed certificate stock.

Web access can be made available to the audit information so that third party organisations can confirm whether a product they are holding is authentic. The third party is requested to enter the type of certificate, registration year/number and date on which the certificate was printed. Surname and given names can optionally be provided. Confirmation that a certificate is valid or not is given based on supplied information only and no information is provided to the requester that was not provided in the first place. For example, if the requester did not specify a surname, the surname is not made available.

Record of "No Record"

Certificate production incorporates a facility to generate and record details of "No Record" certificates produced by the system (e.g. no record of marriage of a candidate).