How to use Vitalware


The objective of this course is to introduce users to the Vitalware vital records management system.


A two day workshop; each attendee has exclusive access to a PC running the Vitalware client, an appropriate browser and other relevant desktop applications. Each attendee has access to a complete Vitalware system, including extensive sample data.



Course Outline:

This course is intended for newcomers to Vitalware and will provide trainees with the knowledge, skills and confidence to start using Vitalware.

In this course trainees will learn how to:

  • Access Vitalware
  • Use Vitalware's extensive Help system to find answers to many of your Vitalware questions
  • Search for records
  • Display records and navigate from one record to another
  • Add and edit records
  • Link records
  • Group and sort records
  • Copy data in fields, tabs or entire records to add to another record
  • Run reports

 The Courseware Table of Contents includes:

  • Section 1 - About this course
  • Section 2 - Welcome
    • About KE Software
    • So what is Vitalware?
  • Section 3 - Accessing Vitalware and finding your way around
    • How to log in to Vitalware
    • The Command Centre
    • How to open, move and close modules
    • The module window
    • Lookup Lists
  • Section 4 - The Vitalware Help
    • Finding Help when you need it
    • How to use the Vitalware Help
    • The What's this button
    • Field Level Help
  • Section 5 - Searching, browsing and displaying
    • The most frequently used search commands
    • A basic search
    • Displaying and browsing the results of your search
    • Additional basic search exercises
    • Boolean operators
    • How to perform an Additional Search
    • Text searches
    • Pattern matching and the wildcard search
    • Range Searches
    • Proximity Searching
    • How to search attached documents
    • Some other Vitalware search functions
    • Default values: search
    • List Views
    • Additional Exercises
  • Section 6 - How to delete and discard records
    • Current and selected records
  • Section 7 - How to add, save, edit and link records
    • Default values: new record
    • How to add a record and how to save it
    • How to edit a record
    • How to attach records to each other
  • Section 8 - How to sort and group
    • Sorting Records
    • Grouping Records
  • Section 9 - The Ditto utility
    • How to use the Ditto utility
    • How to add a Ditto record to the Ditto box permanently
  • Section 10 - Reports
    • How to run a report
    • How to create a report in Microsoft Excel (without the need for visual basic code!)

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