KE Vitalware Reports


To enable attendees to become familiar with the process of creating Vitalware Reports using Excel and/or Crystal Reports.


A two day workshop; each attendee has exclusive access to a PC running the Vitalware client, MS Excel and Crystal Reports software. PCs are networked to a server machine on which the Vitalware server and database engine are installed. Each attendee has access to a complete Vitalware system, including the backend databases.


How to use Vitalware

Previous experience with Crystal Reports creation is highly recommended.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to reports in KE Vitalware
    • KE Vitalware/Crystal Reports relationship
    • Using the Crystal Designer
    • Crystal Designer Screen Elements
    • Crystal Report Formatting Features
    • How to generate a report
    • Crystal reports viewer options
  • Creating Reports
    • How to create a report using a blank report
    • How to create a report using the crystal wizard
    • How to edit a report
    • How to create a sub-report
    • How to add a formula to a Crystal Report
    • Tips and troubleshooting
      • Deleting fields
      • Adding fields
      • Microsoft Excel
        • How to create a report using Microsoft Excel
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