Vitalware 1.3.01

Release Date: 22 December 2004



  • Added new function under the registration menu which allows records in other registration tables to be queried for matching using the same query as would be generated for the overnight matching. Extended this so that attaching on the links tab generates the reverse link in real time.
  • New help system with field help database that allows for altering field help and chm file for Microsoft style general help.

Issues Resolved

  • When refunding an item where the transaction is under and remains under after the refund, the transaction total was not recalculated.
  • It could be incorrectly reported that a user did not have privilege to print a certificate when they did.
  • Endofday would not run if there were no ledger records for a day even though there may have been some adjustment record.
  • Endofmonth reported missing endofday information where there was a cashbook entry that only contained order information.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • When applying a maintenance an access violation could result if lookup tables were readonly and the type of maintenance field value was not in the eluts database.

Updates (QLD)

  • Changed processing for pending refunds so that a status of Batched would be treated the same as a status of Available.