Vitalware 1.4.01

Release Date: 25 August 2005



  • Added support to allow attachment queries to have additional query conditions added when attaching.
  • Added support to allow readonly fields to be skipped when inserting or editing registrations.
  • Added support for queue processing of batched orders
  • Added alerts and system notes to the Parties module.

Issues Resolved

  • When address roll up was not being used it was possible when the refund menu options were used for a refund address not to be present. 

Updates (MS)

  • Added fields for mother's race, origin and residence and father's race and origin to be used for overriding NCHS and export codes.
  • Added Original State File Number field to births and fetal deaths insertion screens.
  • Expanded Modified By details to show modification history of a registration.
  • Modified death query report to use hospital name if funeral home or location in hospital is unknown.
  • Added field to indicate age at death unit to the deaths Index tab. 
  • A  number of functionality changes to functionality of EBC module.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • Added missing Circumstance query field to births module.

Updates (QLD)

  • Added ability to cut sections of a registration image and save them as tiff files for use in generating certificates.