What web applications does Vitalware provide?

FAQ WebApp2Amongst others, Vitalware includes the following web applications: 

Electronic Marriages Register

Vitalware includes a secure interface for marriage celebrants to enter details of an Intention to Marry and, subsequently, the actual Marriage. The Marriages Web Application (eMarriages) enables celebrants to enter all of the details of a proposed marriage and lodge this as an Intention to Marry with the Registry. When the marriage has been performed, the formal marriage application can be submitted and the appropriate documents produced.

Celebrants can store and retrieve their own records in eMarriages prior to submitting them for registration formally. Within the Registry, submitted marriage records are stored in a "holding" database. Authorised Registry users can verify those records, transfer them to the Vitalware Marriages Registration module and formally register them.

A web application is also included in Vitalware for the notification of Civil Unions.

Electronic Deaths Register

Vitalware includes a secure interface for funeral directors to enter death / funeral notification records interactively or in batch mode. The Electronic Deaths (eDeaths) system can be integrated with many common Funeral Director systems.

Additional applications are available for use by Doctors of Medicine to submit cause of death information interactively or in a batch, and for the notification of still birth events.

The death notification and the cause of death can then be matched in order to complete the death registration.

Users are able to search previously submitted life event notifications online, but are restricted to notifications and batches submitted by their organisation.

Electronic Births Register

Vitalware includes a secure interface for hospitals to enter birth notification records interactively or in a batch. The Electronic Births (eBirths) interface includes the facility for bulk uploading of birth information, and can also be integrated with many hospital systems.

An additional application is available for use by the general public for submitting family birth details. The hospital notification and family information are then matched in order to complete the registration.

Other web applications include:

  • Historical Records Searching and Product Ordering
  • Electronic Burials Register
  • Certificate Validation Service
  • Application for Service
  • Order Status Checking