What access does Vitalware provide third party data providers?

FAQ WebApp2Vitalware provides third party data providers (including hospitals, birthing units, midwives, funeral directors, marriage celebrants and clergy) with:

  • Secure online access.
  • Simple online web form versions of legacy paper-based forms.
  • Submission of batches of life events via an XML file batch upload facility.
  • Temporary save and retrieval of records prior to submission to the Registry.
  • Search, retrieval and reporting of previously submitted batches.
  • Account management features, allowing them to manage their password and reset a forgotten password.

Vitalware allows:

  • Submitted records to transfer into the production system in real time or to be manually approved, corrected or rejected by Registry staff prior to transfer.
  • Reporting through pdf and XML. Other report formats can be supported.
  • Instant and complete record validation, including duplicate record detection, ensuring that only valid and unique life events are submitted to the Registry.
  • Full support for product ordering at the time of notification, including integration with the Vitalware POS system. Orders are invoiced to the organization of the data provider while products may be delivered directly to the intended recipient.

The style, format and processing is similar for each of the web applications. Each of the interfaces provides a toolbar of functions that supports creation of new records, retrieval of temporarily stored records, saving records, submitting them to the Registry and producing reports. The field structure and layout of screens within the applications is completely configurable on site. All of the web applications are secure, requiring authenticated access (subscribing funeral directors, etc. must be provided with an account before they can access the system).