What multimedia capabilities does Vitalware have?

Faq generalVitalware has fully integrated multimedia facilities, including support for a broad range of image formats and various other online document formats such as video, audio, word processing documents and spreadsheets. Any number of multimedia resources can be associated with any life event, application for service or management record. Full text searching of documents saved as multimedia attachments is supported.

For historic records, the actual registration record can be scanned into Vitalware and associated with a simple index or fully keyed record of the event. This enables online digital reproduction of these original registrations in response to product requests. In this situation, imaging may obviate the need for total back-capture of the historic registrations.

For contemporary events, hardcopy documents associated with a registration (e.g. paper-based registration form from parents) can be scanned directly into Vitalware and associated with that registration. Hardcopy applications for certificates can also be scanned and associated with the point-of-service record to which they pertain, enabling a Registry to operate in a “paper-less” way.

While audio and video are rarely used in a Registry context today, the capability exists within Vitalware for the Registry to attach, for example, customer-supplied multimedia data to a life event record for preservation by the Registry.

All multimedia is saved / stored as a file in its original file format.