What auditing facilities does Vitalware provide?

Faq generalVitalware provides auditing of all user and administration activity. The list of operations to audit is configurable and ranges from record operations such as inserting, editing, deleting, querying and viewing, to system activities such as logins, database closures and maintenance. All auditing information includes the date, time, username, operation type, record type and key number for all database actions. Audit information for record edits includes the original data, as well as the data after the user’s changes. All audits of record data include any new and / or modified data. All Vitalware audit records are read-only (even to System Administrators) ensuring that they are not tampered with.

The audit records are generated at the database level to ensure non-repudiation of the data they contain. Each audit record which contains record data is linked to the appropriate record so a complete history of record accesses / changes is always available. Access to log files is only available to the Vitalware Administrator.