System Administration


To enable attendees to become familiar with Vitalware maintenance requirements.


A one day workshop; each attendee has exclusive access to a PC running the Vitalware. PCs are networked to a server machine on which the Vitalware server is installed. Each attendee has access to a complete Vitalware system, including the backend databases.


Knowledge as a systems administrator of any derivative of Unix, e.g. Solaris, Linux, Aix etc. Experience using a vi text editor. Administrator or root password for the Vitalware server.

Course Outline:

  • Understanding the Vitalware client/server architecture
    • Main components of Vitalware
    • What is the Vitalware process model?
    • Overview the Vitalware server directory structure
    • What is the Vitalware Registry?
    • What is the Vitalware permissions model?
  • Installing the Vitalware server
    • How to install Vitalware Server on a Unix server
    • How to install Vitalware Server on a Windows server
  • Setting up web services
    • How to set up Web services on a Unix server
    • How to set up Web services on a Windows server
    • How to configure Vitalware and VitalwareWeb for Web services
    • How to set up SMTP email
  • Setting up user accounts
    • How to set up Vitalware accounts on a Unix server
    • How to set up Vitalware Accounts on a Windows server
  • Installing the Vitalware client
    • What is the difference between a network and standalone installation?
    • How to install the Vitalware client
    • Firewalling
  • Maintenance tasks
    • What is the crontab program?
    • Maintenance tasks
    • How to schedule a maintenance report
  • KE Vitalware services
    • Background Loads processes
    • How to reindex a table
    • How to rebuild a Lookup List
    • How to enable auditing
    • How to troubleshoot Vitalware
  • Administration tasks
    • How to set up Admin Tasks
    • How to optimise the running of Texpress

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