Texpress for Developers


To familiarise attendees with facilities in the Texpress software, which may be used to build powerful and complex functionality into Texpress databases. The course is intended for those who wish to use the Texpress software to develop an application database package.


A two day workshop; each attendee has exclusive access to a terminal connected to a Unix machine on which Texpress is installed. Each attendee uses their own individual copies of an example database, and the material taught is reinforced by exercises using this individual database.


This course assumes that attendees are conversant with Texpress at a user level. Some knowledge of Unix, familiarity with Texpress at an administrator level, and some programming experience is advantageous.

Course Outline

  • Texpress's pull-down menu interface
  • Retrieval alternatives
    • stemming queries
    • phonetic queries
    • phrase retrieval
  • Forms design command structure
    • selection, "de-selection"
    • boxes and lines
    • multiple query forms
  • Query form programming
  • Display mode expression
  • Macros
  • Simple expression functions
  • User interface expression functions
  • Front-end menus
  • New load options
  • Terminal descriptions
  • Paginating reports
  • Label production for PostScript printers
  • Generating barcodes on PostScript printers
  • Miscellaneous Texpress features

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