Vitalware 1.0.003

Release Date: 10 July 2002

Updates Issues Resolved
Changed operation of signing on to till. Till is only signed on when some financial information is changed. This allows alterations to be made to records without a till having to be signed on. Balance amount was sometimes incorrect when refund item had been applied.

Altered working of Batch Control database so that if a batch record is not present it inserts a new batch record to be completed by the data keyer.

New financial operations could be applied to a record that was cancelled or refunded.
Added batch total to till sign on screen for mailroom operators. Total amount on receipt did not calculate correctly when a refund item had been applied.
Added printing to POS. Till would not allow signing off in certain conditions where it thought it was not balanced.
Added new process control so that attachments and printing can occur immediately, when a record is saved or batched to be done when the current till is signed off. This processing only applies when a person is signed on to a till. At save processing applies when a person is not on a till.

POS balance details now show the last balance recorded.

Refunds have been changed to decrement in the same fashion as an over. POS system allowed the saving of a record when no products were ordered.
A menu option option to refund an over has been added.

Signing onto a till allowed the same batch to be used more than once.

Receipt and correspondence numbers have been added (note: still awaiting texpress upgrade for complete functionality to be displayed)
Added ability to record orders from district offices. This is done by putting a value in the court field of payment group.
When a record is attached the query field are populated with the correct details from the record ie first name, surname, date of event, place of event and registration number.
When registration number is supplied in a query field with other query data, the search for the registration only uses the registration number.
Registration number should be 3 part field. This has been done for births and is awaiting database updates before it can be applied to the other databases.
In insert mode the cursor now moves from product to quantity to surname.
Payment total has been added to Sales tab.