Vitalware 1.0.005

Release Date: 03 September 2002



  • Added receipt issued flag to record so that re-issued receipt could be recorded on receipt.
  • Added receipt number for courts
  • Altered supervisor password code so that it now asks for a user id and a password
  • Added button so that GST could be removed from ordered products if the person ordering products was from outside of Australia.
  • Added production slip button which can be checked to produce a production slip if an application has arrived without a registration.
  • Added ability to add Refund Item (ri) product as part of an assessment adjustment.
  • Created new invoices module.
  • Added functionality to create invoices from POS records which have a payment type of invoice. These record are grouped by applicant and then an invoice is inserted into the invoices database. 

Issues Resolved

  • Balance amount was sometimes incorrect when refund item had been applied.