Vitalware 1.0.006

Release Date: 03 October 2002



  • Developed script to do nightly matching of registered records to outstanding POS orders.
  • Made Print the default delivery mode for all certificate orders.
  • Added change screen for all Counter transaction where their has been a change in monetary information.
  • Changed pos database querying so that it could query across databases with either 2 or 3 part keys.
  • Changed cheque payment details to record account and cheque number.
  • Added popup window to display till subtotal.
  • Developed script to print overnight certificates or to send them to batch files ready for printing in the morning.
  • Added functionality to POS to allow printing of overnight batched certificates, labels and lists.
  • Added screen to input barcodes of all manually produced certificates to update the order status to say that the certificate production has been completed.
  • Added ability to add notes to refund records via predefined refund text registry entries.
  • Ability to store RAT Address information.

Issues Resolved

  • Balance amount was sometimes incorrect when quantities ordered were altered in the Mailroom.
  • When refunding an over the pending refund value was not correctly set.
  • Production Slip radio button was not correctly linked to controlling linkgrid so once turned on it reflected being on row every order.
  • Altered Production Slip Radio Button to be a Check Box.
  • Hitting the detach event button caused an api error looking for the birthsmaint database.
  • Payment till reference column was linked to ledger database rather than till database.
  • When selecting some columns for reports a texapi error would be generated.
  • Receipt only printed for Mail Room GST transactions. Receipt new prints for both GST and Cash transactions.
  • Altered cancellation process so that a record could only be cancelled on the day that it was created.
  • Changed till sign-off so that a till could not be signed off if it was not balanced.
  • Adjusted various tab order sequences.
  • When pasting into the orders grid the totals were not recalculated.