Vitalware 1.0.008

Release Date: 21 November 2002



  • Changed products view button in POS to bring up product module if no product was entered.
  • Where selecting POS product rows from a list additional order information is also displayed.
  • When showing the till sub-total screen the change total is subtracted from the cash total.
  • Addressing tools is now called for white mail transactions as well as mail room transactions.
  • Parties module can now record ABN on the organisation tab.
  • Minor adjustments made to receipt formatting
  • Added registry entry to set maximum number of applications before counter operator is asked if they wish to stamp all applications at save time.

Issues Resolved

  • Counter transaction were given a correspondence number.
  • Invoice type transactions should not generate a receipt number.
  • Fee Waived transactions should not generate a receipt number.
  • When a record was first shown with a payment type of court the expected court fields were not displayed.
  • When saving a record with a court receipt number, the receipt number was lost.
  • When an invoice is paid a receipt number should be generated.
  • When refunding it was possible for a change amount to be incorrectly added to the refund amount.
  • When saving the payment details for a cheque record the bank and account details were not saved.
  • Multiple transaction sheets could be printed when a receipt was printed for the first time.
  • Unable to view receipt number in List View Mode.
  • When selecting the remove tax button the subtotal for the product was not correctly refreshed.
  • Printing a counter receipt with the slip printer would expect two applications for a commemorative.