Vitalware 1.1.001

Release Date: 05 January 2003



  • Completed products could not be reversed. Updated this functionality so that only completed certificates could not be reversed.
  • Changed access to status field so that supervisors could always alter the status of an order.
  • Added option to products data to have an additional product ordered when a specific product is ordered.
  • Added Maintenance type field to products database to specific what type of maintenance the maintenance transaction is.
  • Added maintenance processing.
  • Added adoption processing.
  • Added Change of Name Processing.
  • Upgraded crystal version to version 9.

Issues Resolved

  • Birth Module Registration number did not display correctly.
  • Row number was not printing with barcode for multiple marriage orders.
  • No Record database is not required.
  • Whenever a free product was added the total for the record would be incorrect.
  • Missing blank line after receipt number on Counter tills.