Vitalware 1.1.005

Release Date: 22 July 2003



  • A new data entry screen has been added so that simple transaction (ie one product and one payment) can be entered more rapidly
  • Till Summary Report and the six payment Takings Reports created for A4 customers.  New reports in ~/reports/epos . Patched ~/admin/balancereport script to handle A4 or Letter clients.
  • Added back filling of event details to vwposlink if the registry entry was set.
  • Added ordering to vwcertificateprint so that all printed certificates would be in POS irn order.

Issues Resolved

  • When reversing a transaction only the most recent matching product was checked for a price match. This has been changed so that all matching product are now checked.
  • Validity checking of a date in ( ValDate() ) assumed error output of texql was not read by the Read() call in . This is not the case and is now fixed.
  • and both contained different functioning Die() sub routines and some scripts source both files.  Die() in has been changed to Dead(), and all calls to this sub routine changed.  This affects, vwmatchfind, vwdupfind.
  • If a user (incorrectly) enters a cash reversal before a cash payment, Till Summary Report was not reporting the correct cash amount for that Pos record. Fix made to ~/admin/balancereport .
  • User name added below the Till number field on all Pos reports that are run from Admin Tasks.  Change made to the report files and ~/admin/balancereport script.
  • When cancelling or refunding a record pending maintenances were not cancelled.
  • Query for multiple terms (and query) in POS module on reference fields resulted in Vitalware appearing to freeze.
  • After performing a maintenance which had empty fields in the field change details, the resultant display of change information appeared incorrectly.
  • When running a large server side report command the report would fail and Vitalware would get a host error.
  • When running a server side report that had a double quote (") as one of the parameters passed, the report would fail.
  • When editing a record and trying to fee waive the it, the operator was forced onto a till.
  • On small screen matching events form would appear a little to far to the right so that the attachment button was not visible.
  • Vwposlink and vwcertificateprint did not allow for the adding of local restrictions to their queries.
  • On occassions, when adding an additional product after a payment was recorded and then altering the payment amount, the product statuses would be left as pending payment.
  • When entering a payment type of credit card the cursor would disappear.
  • After having added user notes to the read only user notes field, they could be removed by cutting them.
  • If an invalid date was entered into the date of event field a list index out of bounds error could occur.
  • When double keying a reference field, if one value is blank and the other is not a texapi error results.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • There needs to be a way to void a VitalChek payment on a different day from which it was taken.
  • Invoice transactions should not produce a receipt.
  • After attaching an event, the operator was able to change the event search details.
  • After attaching an event the operator has to tab through the event fields rather than going straight to the delivery details.

Issues Resolved (QLD)

  • After adjusting a batch total, on occasions an operator could not sign off their till.
  • When querying across databases occasionally a message would be displayed indicating missing column SysAlerts.
  • After entering a batch number and then attempting to sign on a till without having selected a till location, the batch number would not be recorded with the till record.
  • Also Search on columns that are not in the client form fails with an error that the requested column could not be found.