Vitalware 1.1.007

Release Date: 30 September 2003



  • Registry entries may now be created that allow fields to be defined to restrict the creation of maintenance records based upon the value in the field.
  • Changed vwcertificateprint so that each institution can set the sort order that certificates are printed when the overnight run is performed.
  • Changed vwcertificateprint so that it can log each command for better error diagnosis.
  • A new menu option has been added to cancel a maintenance from the maintenance record.  This does not cancel the order but rather sets the order status to complete and the maintenance record to cancelled.
  • Added facility to restrict attachment of records to a pos transaction based on values within the record.

Issues Resolved

  • An API error "New row has not been saved or discarded. (Number -47)" would appear when entering text into the quantity field after which the record could not be saved.
  • When performing maintenance transactions Bad Text Label messages sometimes appear in data fields.
  • Sometimes when attempting to apply a maintenance, the maintenance would not be applied.
  • When a refund was reversed that was associated with a refund item, the status of the refund item was not set to Complete.
  • When cancelling a transaction in Insert mode it was possible for a ledger entry to remain not cancelled.
  • It was not possible to use the cancel item menu option for an order row inserted today on a transaction that was not inserted today.
  • It was possible to enter non-numeric characters into the quantity field on the single sales tab.
  • It was possible to enter invalid amount formats in the amount field.
  • vwposlink could generate a syntax error when querying for orders if the surname field of a registration was empty.

Updates (QLD)

  • Changed how certificate counting was performed for certificate issuance so that it would only count certificates ordered on the same date going to the same address.
  • Check added to stop operators from mistakenly changing the status of an order to Cancelled.

Issues Resolved (QLD)

  • Were unable to change event details once an event was attached.
  • On occasions after saving a record the status of some products was set to batched when it should have been set to Available.
  • Sometimes when attaching event a List Index out of bounds error would occur.
  • When a payment type of court was changed to another payment type the court discount that had been applied was not removed.