Vitalware 1.1.009

Release Date: 19 December 2003



  • Client specific versioning added
  • ODBC system DSNs were converted to be user DSNs. 
  • Altered invoice processing so that an invoice transaction could be altered up until the time that it is invoiced.
  • New Registration form created between the validation form and registration tables. All maintenance code moved to this form. New menu added to this form for actions that apply to registrations. A Void/Re-Instate record option is now available.

Issues Resolved

  • When using the End or Ctrl+End keys is was possible ti get an access violation in List View mode.
  • When Cancelling a record if an item had a status of refunded or a refund item was in the list of orders, these orders would not have there status set to Cancelled.
  • When adding orders to an existing transaction which resulted in an under, the status of completed orders was reset to refund pending which resulted in them being issued again when the payment was made.
  • The matchingevents form could display partly off the screen when it was first displayed.
  • When paying a mailroom over or under at the counter, the balance details were incorrect.
  • On occasions alerts did not display correct in POS.
  • It was possible to reverse a product and not reverse out its full sale price.

Updates (MS)

  • Restricted double keying to only be available when record status of "Data Entry Complete" was set. If record was then successfully doubled keyed the record status was set to "Data Verified Complete".

Updates (QLD)

  • Changed barcode routine to accept "Pos - Order" or "Pos-Order".
  • Changed mailroom processing so that the cursor would now move from Quantity to Status.
  • Changed Query screen so that Pos Number is the first field visited.

Issues Resolved (QLD)

  • When attaching a marriage registration to a POS transaction the operator kept getting a message indicating that the record had been re-registered when it had not been.
  • Transaction sheet were not printing when new orders were added to an existing transaction.