Vitalware 1.2.01

Release Date: 04 February 2004



  • Added new invoice tab so that the customer the invoice is going to is more obvious.
  • Added new menu option to invoices module to cancel an invoice. This resets the status of pending invoice orders in the POS database so that they may be invoiced again.
  • Altered data storage in POS database in order to improve query performance.
  • Added new security stock module.

Issues Resolved

  • When refunding an under that resulted in the transaction still being under an incorrect balance ledger entry was recorded.
  • When auto-copying address details sometimes the complete address would not be auto-copied.
  • When deleting an ordered product address information from other product rows could be lost.
  • It was not possible to reverse a transaction that had been discounted.

Updates (MS)

  • Added new registry entry to restrict who can generate invoices.