Vitalware 1.2.02

Release Date: 03 March 2004


Issues Resolved

  • When entering transactions that had a number of cent values, it was possible for rounding errors to occur on till sign off leading to the belief that a till was under.
  • When refunding an under that still remained an under, the absorbed amount was incorrectly recorded.
  • When deleting a row on the Sales tab it was possible that the associated applicant and refund data was not correctly deleted.
  • When cancelling an invoice transaction in insert mode, it was possible to receive an index out of bounds (-1) error.
  • When deleting a row on the Sales tab it was possible that associated event details could disappear.
  • It was not possible to query for balance details.
  • When payment was pending and a products status was not complete, it would be set to pending payment. When payment was made, it was always reset to available rather than the previous status value.
  • End of month failed to balance correctly when the month contained a transaction that had a refund on an under payment that left the transaction still under.
  • It was possible for order information not from the first order row to display in the single sales tab.
  • It was possible for the pending refunds section of the cash book to contain an inaccurate total amount.

Updates (QLD)

  • Altered reprint certificate code so that if a transaction was pending payment, the short payment advice letter would be printed.