Vitalware 1.2.03

Release Date: 07 May 2004



  • Security Stock module and processing added.
  • Added new registry setting "Address Roll Up String" which can be used to turn of the default address roll up behaviour when set. 

Issues Resolved

  • After entering a maintenance transaction through POS its was possible to enter non unique values in unique fields of the corresponding registration table.
  • When resetting statuses to Pending Payment MaxUnders was ignored so that some statuses were unnecessarily set to Refund Pending.
  • When running scripts that use it was possible for date values in the SummaryData to be generated in an incorrect date order.
  • If entering a payment values with an incorrect number of decimal places eg 1 or 3, the the payment total generated incorrectly.
  • When overnight matching it was possible for an incorrect record to be linked for certificate printing if one of the values in a query field was empty.
  • It was possible to add additional orders to refunded and cancelled records.
  • When saving a payment or a cashbook record it was possible that an invalid lookup entry message was displayed even though the entry was in fact valid.
  • The vwlutsrebuild facility has been reworked to correctly accommodate "Hidden" values. The -h argument to this program is now redundant.
  • if a only space character was entered into one of the pos registration query fields a texapi syntax error would result.

Updates (MS)

  • Altered barcode treading for date mailed and date returned so that it now check for any alerts on the Pos record prior to updated the order record. It also updates the modified info on the Pos record so that the modifed details for the order and Pos records are in sync.
  • New application tab added to record additional application data.
  • Added new registry setting Can Void so that the Void Transaction menu item can to made available only to a few users in POS and so that only certain user to alter the Record Status of an event record to VOIDED.
  • Altered processing of Void transactions and added new query field to find void transactions.
  • Altered processing of sync server so that when updating POS records the modification details are not altered.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • When modifying date mailed on an invoice transaction the operator was informed that a party record must be dragged and dropped.
  • When double keying it was possible for information in autofilling hierarchies to be replaced with information from the previous record or for an access violation to occur.

Updates (QLD)

  • Added new menu option to allow for reprinting of short payment advice letters.
  • Disallowed the use of product code RI except for when a reversal has been performed.

Issues Resolved (QLD)

  • It was possible to add additional orders and payments to a court transaction.