Vitalware 1.2.04

Release Date: 17 September 2004



  • Added multi-currency to POS system.
  • Added Accounts Receivable and Bank to the endofday processing.
  • Added ability to have immediate or monthly invoicing.
  • Added ability to double key maintenance changes.
  • Added ability to call another routine just prior to printing a certificate.

Issues Resolved

  • Sometimes after typing the "Address Roll Up String" the address would not roll up.
  • When using the "Address Roll Up String" and adding a product that had a free product, the address was not copied to the free product.
  • When adding adjustments for different account codes in the cashbook blank lines could appear in the adjustments grid.
  • When reporting duplicates historic records were included in the duplicate report.
  • When double keying linkgrids the cursor would sometimes not start in the top left corner.
  • Sometimes when issuing a refund the cheque number would be written to the wrong record.
  • When a refund was issued on an under that resulted in the transaction still being under an incorrect $0.00 refund balance entry was created.

Updates (MS)

  • Added functionality to load web orders from USCerts.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • When printing a receipt the Applicants name was not appearing correctly.
  • The production report was producing incorrect totals.
  • The double keying report was indicating incorrect fields that were double keyed.

Updates (QLD)

  • Added new tab to batch modules which allows recording of applicant and amount paid. 

Issues Resolved (QLD)

  • When scanning barcodes for a cancelled product the status could be changed from cancelled.