Vitalware 1.4.03

Release Date: 26 October 2005



  • Added additional columns to the cashbook to cater for large number of account codes in Manitoba.  
  • An new fourth view (XSLT) has been added to all modules.
  • Altered Maintenance Skip field processing so a list of fields only to be included could be used.

Issues Resolved

  • When address roll up was not being used it was possible when the refund menu options were used for a refund address not to be present. 
  • It was possible to alter a value in a readonly combobox and have that value saved with the record.
  • If form caching was used and a start up query was used which resulted in no matches, the next display of the form did not have the tab order correct. 
  • When attaching an event for a maintenance after the order had already been saved resulted in the joint product not having the event associated with it.

Updates (MS)

  • A  few functionality changes to functionality of EBC module and fields.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • EBC import script did not take into account validity of hospital dates
  • A Texapi query permissions error could result after trying to transmit EBC records to the registry.
  • After transmitting an EBC record to the registry, it was possible to get an access violation.

Issues Resolved (QLD)

  • Corrected date of event query problem in registration index databases.
  • Corrected problem where cutting only a single image resulted in the image not being resized correctly. 

Updates (MB)

  • Altered attach queries so that if registration number was supplied it would only use it.
  • Altered invoice processing so that a distinction could be made between completed and not completed invoice transactions.
  • Removed amendment number allocation when a CNNOAMEND product was ordered.