Vitalware 1.4.06

Release Date: 12 December 2005


Issues Resolved 

  • It was possible for the insertion date and time to be after the modified date and time on some records.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • Sometimes when using the EBC module the user would not be allowed to insert records.

Issues Resolved (QLD)

  • When totalling a batch amount it was possible to get a floating point error resulting in the batch total being out by a cent.

Updates (MB)

  • When performing an adoption, the adoption is listed on the maintenance tab showing its amendment number.
Issues Resolved (MB)
  • In some converted records the amendments were not loaded in numerical order
  • Time of death values if 12.??PM did not display correctly in Vitalware.

Updates (TT)

  • Stock number verification included.
  • Death and Marriage certificates added.