Vitalware 1.4.07

Release Date: 12 January 2006


Issues Resolved

  • It was possible to refund an item twice if two people had the same record in their matching set.
  • It was possible to add a record that was not the current record to an order.
  • When reversing a maintenance transaction the associated maintenance record was left pending.
  • When using readonly lookup tables it was possible that a valid value that contained punctuation would not be allowed to be entered. 

Updates (MS)

  • Counter till processing has been altered so that auto-attaching of registrations no longer takes place.
  • EBC module altered to use its own set of lookup tables.
  • Version code removed from EBC form.
  • Cursor returned to top left of all grids when in Insert mode.
  • Ability to restrict printing of an EBC certificate based on certain field being filled.

Issues Resolved (MS)

  • Validation for UNKNOWN for alcohol and tobacco use for EBC module corrected.
  • Redundant column EBCTransferred removed from EBC module.

Issues Resolved (MB)

  • When saving records with a record status of Complete, the record status could be changed.
  • It was possible to record the same stock number for multiple certificates.