About Vitalware's Database Engine

Vitalware uses the Texpress database engine: a multi-user database management system, providing a rich suite of tools and utilities for flexible and cost-effective data management.

Database EngineUse Texpress's object-oriented features to design databases with any combination of fully indexed relational data, free text and multimedia objects. Texpress is currently applied to public and private sector data collections of varying sizes, structures and uses-from libraries, museums and galleries to stock exchanges, universities, telecommunications companies, finance and legal organisations, and customs authorities.

Texpress supports all aspects of data management from design and implementation of models, storage and retrieval of information, through to system evolution and maintenance.

The Texpress database engine or kernel incorporates features that allow for easy creation and use of applications, logical representation of data and high speed retrieval of information. It is an object-oriented database engine which is accessed via a range of interfaces.

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Texpress Interfaces

Texpress comes packaged with Texforms - a menu and forms based interface which provides users with access to all aspects of the system. This includes database design and maintenance, data loading, data query and edit, data reporting, and database back-up and restore. These facilities make the software easy to learn, operate and maintain. 

Demonstration database

Victorian Parliamentary Hansard - The Victorian Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) are available here from the commencement of the parliamentary session of 1991 (51st Parliament of Victoria).