What life events and amendments does Vitalware manage?

Vitalware provides support for the capture, search and maintenance of all life events, including:

Faq general
  • Births
  • Deaths
  • Marriages
  • Civil partnerships (same sex marriages)
  • Divorces
  • ITOP (induced termination of pregnancy)
  • Stillbirths (foetal deaths)

Each of Vitalware's event modules supports a range of amendment processes relevant to that event type. For example, the Births module supports amendment processes such as:

  • Change of Name
  • Adoption
  • Gender Change
  • Late Registration
  • Addition of Father’s Details
  • Addition of Parent’s Marriage Details
  • Correction of Clerical Error
  • Legal Correction

The amendment process can only be performed by authorised personnel. It first copies the record to be amended and marks the original with a status of Pending. It then allows the user to make the appropriate change(s) to the copy and finally apply the amendment.

On application of the amendment, the new version of the event record replaces the old and the status is changed to Current. The old version is retained and is linked to the new version as a permanent audit history of changes to the registration.