KE Vitalware EVVE interface launched for State of Mississippi

The Mississippi Bureau of Health Statistics has just become an EVVE pilot site.  EVVE (Electronic Verification of Vital Events) is a system being developed by NAPHSIS and the US Social Security Agency (SSA) for identity verification.  SSA will be using this system to verify facts of birth and death when people apply for Social Security benefits.

Eight US States are currently participating in the EVVE pilot project.  The system involves a hub server which routes requests from the SSA to the appropriate states for verification.  Each state has a satellite server which can query their birth and death records for this purpose.  The software for the hub system and the satellite servers has been developed by Systems Made Simple.

The State of Mississippi benefits from KE Vitalware. Systems Made Simple was able to interface directly to KE Vitalware to develop their database queries so that the satellite server can now interact with Mississippi's births and deaths databases.  The system used by Systems Made Simple is Java based.  Database permissions were established to severely limit access to the state's records (query-only access was provided to just the births and deaths tables with a retrieval limit of 2 records per query).

Nita Gunter, the former Mississippi State Registrar, remarked:

We were pleased with the support provided by KE in order to help get EVVE working with KE Vitalware, and have found the the speed of access to the data to be impressive."

John Doolan, CEO of KE Software, stated:

KE Software is pleased to be involved in a project that helps put the State of Mississippi in a leadership position for vital records automation.  Integration of EVVE with KE Vitalware once again demonstrates KE's commitment to interoperability, flexibility and productivity.

The Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services, in consultation with the Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) -  Bureau of Public Health Statistics, chose KE Vitalware as a turnkey vital records management system. KE Vitalware replaces a 20-year-old vital records system. KE Software is supplying all server hardware, software, installation, data conversion, implementation, ongoing maintenance, support and services for a fully-functioning system.