Supplementary Media

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1.1 A4 pdfIE 12 Oct 2011

The purpose of supplementary media is to allow associated resources to be stored with a master resource in the same Multimedia record. Supplementary media does not replace the use of over-arching records to related multimedia where each resource is important in its own right, rather it provides a mechanism for storing other media with the master resource that may be used along with the master resource.

In order to provide support for supplementary media, a Supplementary tab has been added to the Multimedia module. The tab is similar to the Resolutions tab and allows media to be added, deleted, modified, viewed and saved. The Multimedia drop-down menu available in each module has been extended to allow supplementary media to be viewed and saved. It is also possible:

  • To import supplementary media using the Vitalware Import facility.
  • To use supplementary media in reports.
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