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The current version of Vitalware Help was published on 27 February 2015. Amendments include:

DatePage / SectionDetails

Dec 14

Revision of Registry entries completed

All Registry entries reviewed and updated, including:

  • Security / Permissions
  • Display Views
  • Ditto
  • Reports
  • Searching / Querying
  • Sort

23 Oct 14

Feedback button

Email address associated with Feedback button updated.

12 Sep 14

Change to Scheduled Exports

It is now possible to exclude one or more scheduled exports from the standard scheduled run by specifying the –x parameter, e.g. –x irn[,irn,..] (where irn is the irn of a record for a scheduled export specified in the Schedules module).

12 Sep 14

Vitalware 2.5

Release Notes for Vitalware 2.5 added.

27 Aug 14

Modify Continue Batch Print After Error Registry entry

The Continue Batch Print After Error Registry entry is now the Continue Batch Process After Error Registry entry.

26 Aug 14

How to write-off a bad debt

Details of the facility introduced with Vitalware 2.5 to write-off a bad debt.

26 Aug 14

Technical Requirements

Details about Vitalware's technical requirements, as well as example system configurations.

20 Aug 14


Various Registry entries



  • POB Order Columns
  • POB Column Mappings
  • ADAM Participants
  • ADAM Mandatory Fields
  • ADAM Barcode Valid Version


04 Jun 14


Registry settings





May 14


Multimedia Registry entries





03 Apr 14


Version Registry entry





Mar 14


Vitalware Administration



Review of Administration section continues. Sections reviewed:

Columns / Fields

  • Case conversion

    Lookup Lists

  • Lookup List hierarchies
  • Permissions
  • How to add values to a Lookup List
  • Lookup List Registry entries
  • System Administration: Lookup Lists

    System and user administration: reorganised


Feb 14

Vitalware Administration

Review of Administration section commences. Sections reviewed:

The Vitalware Registry

  • Overview of the Registry
  • How to search for a Registry entry
  • How to add a Registry entry

Users / Groups

  • The Permissions model: groups
  • Group Registry entry: how to create a group
  • Name Registry entry
  • Access permissions for users / groups
  • Tabs Registry entries

Columns / Fields

  • Default values
  • Mandatory fields
  • Unique-valued fields
  • Indexing Registry entries
  • Uniqueness checking and auto-incrementation

15 Jan 14

Correction to Import Tool documentation

Incorrect use of double quotes when referencing a value in a CSV Import file, e.g.:

LatSource_tab(+ group="opinion")

should be

LatSource_tab(+ group='opinion')

13 Jan 14

Release Notes

Section added: new features, improvements and resolved issues.

17 Dec 13

Column Access Registry entries

Explanation of the effect of hiding the first field in a group box.

16 Dec 13

Security Registry entries

Clarification regarding use of Attachment fields in Security Registry entries.

21 Nov 13

Certificates Registry entries

Clarification of several Registry entries concerned with the printing of certificates, notably:

  • Allowed Certificates
  • Allowed Module Certificates
  • Module Certificate Print
  • Printer

18 Nov 13


Various updates as a result of the Vitalware 2.4 release, including details about:

  • The addition of Summary Data to the display of records in Static Groups.
  • The new Clear Group Box command.
  • New scanning functionality - the ability to scan multi-page documents and the option to scan from any module that supports multimedia.

02 Aug 13

Update to Ditto Skip Columns Registry entry

Clarification about the Ditto Skip Columns Registry entry: by design it does not apply to Ditto Current Field (F9).

02 Aug 13

Update to Column Access Modifier Registry entry

Description of limitations when performing a Global Replace: setting -duReplace on a column does not guarantee that users are unable to perform a Global Replace on that column, and in some circumstances a -duReplace permission set on a column in a record will be ignored when a Global Replace is performed.

15 May 13

Various new Registry entries documented

New entries include:

  • Can Add Parentage
  • Can Cancel Parentage
  • Certificate Limits
  • Expedited Products
  • Parentage Fields
  • Special Products

10 May 13

Modifications to the Help

Working in a multi-language Vitalware environment section added to hold multi-language content.

Two new sections added to the Vitalware modules section with details about:

  • Dialogue boxes
  • Properties boxes

06 May 13

Editing in a single language

Vitalware 2.3.01 has seen the introduction of a number of extensions that provide a more flexible mechanism for displaying and altering data within a single language:

  • When the All Languages option is selected, users may now select the order in which languages are displayed (but not, it is important to keep in mind, the order in which language data is stored in Vitalware, which is defined by the Supported Registry entry). This allows users who are dominant in a particular language to display this language first with other languages following.
  • User may now alter data while a single language is displayed. Any data entered into a field will only update the value of the language selected.
  • When displaying data in a single language and a value does not exist for a given field, the value of the first filled language may be displayed. The text is shown in a user selectable colour (grey by default) to indicate that it is not associated with the current language. When the field is entered, the text is removed, allowing data to be entered.
  • A number of data entry helpers always display all languages in the user defined order to assist data entry. For example, if a Lookup List is displayed, all languages are always shown so that users may select the correct entry based on context. This is particularly important where one term in a given language has multiple terms in another language.

08 Apr 13

Work Queue Registry entry

The Work Queue Registry entry specifies the menu label for a work queue (which will display as a sub menu of Process>Work Queue) and the conditions to be met in order for records to be included in the work queue.

08 Apr 13

Two new Registry entries

Two new Registry entries added:

  • Transmit Map

Used when copying data from a record in one module to a record in another module using the Transmit menu option: specifies a mapping where the name of the From column is different to the name of the To column.

  • Transmit Skip

Specifies a list of fields to skip when copying data from one record to another using the Transmit menu option.

05 Apr 13

A warning about partial range searches

New topic added to explain how to perform a range search with a partial date.

07 Mar 13

How to add multimedia to a report


06 Mar 13

Unique Strict Registry entry


24 Jan 13

Show Printer Dialogue Registry entry

The Show Printer Dialogue Registry entry is used to specify that the printer dialog<ue> will / will not display when printing in the Communications module.

28 Nov 12

Lookup List Maintenance background service

To reduce the nightly system maintenance and to allow the Lookup List table to be used as a regular module, Vitalware 2.3.01 has added a background service that ensures the Lookup List entries are always in sync with the records in the Vitalware system. The addition of the service removes the need to rebuild the Lookup Lists on a nightly basis, hence reducing system maintenance time.

Furthermore, as the Lookup List table is no longer reloaded, the Lookup List module has been extended to include support for attributed notes (Notes tab) and multimedia (Multimedia tab). Audit trails on individual records are now maintained and Record Level Security may be used as for any other module.

Although a Lookup List rebuild program is still provided, it now applies changes to the eluts table rather than rebuilding the table completely. The introduction of the Lookup List service means that rebuilds are only required if the Lookup List table becomes corrupted, or if users accidentally delete records that are still in use.

26 Oct 12

Mandatory Modifier Registry entry

The Mandatory Modifier Registry entry allows the mandatory setting on a column (set using the Mandatory Registry entry) to be adjusted based on the value in other field(s). Part of Vitalware's Dynamic Security options.

05 Oct 12

Dynamic Security


23 Jun 12

Dynamic Security

Minor corrections.

26 Jun 12

What to do if you've forgotten your password

Topic and FAQ added.

26 Mar 12

Reportable Registry entry

New Registry entry specifies whether a column can/cannot be included in a report.

02 Mar 12


Two Registry entries added:

  • Security|Update

    Allows the contents of one or more fields to be modified based on the value in a field whenever a record is saved.

  • Column Access Modifier

    Used to modify the default Column Access values based on data found in the current record.

    A new Security section has been added to Working with Vitalware records. This contains general user information about Record Level Security and Dynamic Security. Information for Administrators has been added to a new Security section: Vitalware Administration>The Vitalware Registry>Registry Settings. This contains security Registry entries (including Record Level Security and Security|Update). Note that the Users/Groups section (which holds access/permissions Registry entries) has been moved to this new Administration Security section.

01 Mar 12

Ignore Address Change Registry entry

Specifies whether or not a second verification of postal data will occur when a number change is made to an address that was entered after a lookup of the Postal Code database.

24 Nov 11

After Export facility

Introduced with Vitalware 2.1.02, the After Export facility allows a command to be executed once an export has completed. Amongst other things, the command can:

  • Email the export files to a list of users.

  • Email the results of the export to a list of users.

  • Copy the export files to another machine behind a secure firewall.

  • Copy the export files over the internet via a secure transfer mechanism.

  • Send an SMS to a list of telephone numbers.

19 Oct 11

Password Management

The implementation of password management in Vitalware 2.2.02 provides System Administrators with a range of options in terms of managing user authentication and ageing passwords. It also allows users to change their passwords from within the Vitalware Windows client.

17 Oct 11

Indexing Registry entry

Operations Registry entry

Lookup Registry entry

New Indexing Registry setting that sets the unique attribute for one or more columns in a table. The Unique Index setting is available from Vitalware 2.2.02 onwards.

Addition of the daDittoAll operations privilege. Required in order for a user / group to use the Edit>Ditto>All Fields (Shift+F9) option.

Addition of the AutoWriteIgnore permission, combining the AutoWrite and WriteIgnore permissions.

14 Oct 11

New Registry entries

New entries include:

  • Can AdoptCan 
  • Cancel Adoption
  • Can Cancel Gender Change
  • Can Change Gender
  • Can Event Search
  • Check For Deceased
  • Check Lists
  • Clear Location Codes
  • Free Product Codes
  • Gender Change Fields
  • Mandatory Product Columns
  • Physical Location
  • Printer Location
  • Replacement Product Codes
  • Scan Into Envelope
  • Send to CCR

21 Jun 11

Supplementary Media

Introduced with Vitalware Version 2.2.02, the Supplementary tab in the Multimedia module allows associated resources to be stored with a master resource in the same Multimedia record.

11 Mar 11

Read Only Registry entries

Prior to Vitalware Version 2.2.01 it was possible to make the back-end tables read-only (and it still is), however the Vitalware client did not reflect the read-only nature of the table in the module interface: it was still possible to select the menu entry to insert a new record, but an error would then be displayed as the table was read-only. The ReadOnly Registry entries control the Vitalware client while still leaving the back-end tables operational. This means that the menu entry to insert a new record is now disabled if the table or system is marked as read-only.

28 Feb 11

Postal Code verification Registry entries

Four new Registry entries for Canadian clients which facilitate the use of Canada Post postal data.

28 Feb 11

Samples module

Sampling facilitates the selection of a subset of records on which to perform some processing or other. This is particularly useful when an external agency is responsible for data entry of records and it is desirable / required to perform quality assurance on the records before accepting them into the production system. 

The Samples module is used to manage the process of sampling records.

28 Feb 11

Communications module

Unlike the Correspondence module, which records correspondence related to a POS record, the Communications module can be used for all communications (letter, fax, email, phone call) related to a registration or POS transaction. Additionally, Communications allows for formatted letters (not just simple text as with the Correspondence module).

The Communications module is used to:

  • Create templates for standard outgoing correspondence (letters, etc.)
  • Record all incoming and outgoing communications for registration and POS records.

See How to work with the Letters module for details.

10 Feb 11

Multi-group Support

Vitalware Version 2.2.01 introduces multi-group support, which allows a single user to be registered in more than one group:

  • A user who is a member of more than one group can select the group name to use from the Login dialogue box when logging into Vitalware.
  • At any time it is possible to switch to another group without logging out and back in again.
  • When switching groups the user decides whether opened modules should remain open or whether they should be closed.
  • Any new modules opened will use the group permissions assigned to the group that the user switched to.

See How to log in to Vitalware for details about logging in to Vitalware when you are a member of more than one group.See How to work with multiple groups in Vitalware for details about how to switch between groups in Vitalware.

See Group Registry entry for details about assigning users to more than one group.

See Multi-group Support for details about how the Vitalware server security profiles provide support for multiple groups per user.

12 Dec 10

Encrypted Connections

Vitalware Version 2.2.01 has been extended to support an encrypted connection between the client and server programs.

17 Sep 10

Match Lists

Updated with new option to Reject potential matches.

16 Sep 10



31 Aug 10

Three new Registry entries added.

  • Capture Signature
  • Continue Batch Print After Error
  • Certificate Fields

11 Jun 10

Export Schedule

Vitalware 2.1.02 introduces a new facility that enables data to be exported on a regular basis. Users can define:

  • A set of fields for export.

  • A sort order for the exported records.

  • A TexQL statement to determine which records to export.

  • Dates on which the export is to occur.

29 Apr 10

Security Stock module

Section updated to reflect improved field labels in the Security Stock module.

19 Apr 10

How to append data using the Import facility

Details about using the Import tool to append data to tables and nested tables of values.

10 Mar 10

Right to Left Language Support

Details about Vitalware's support for display of right to left languages.

23 Feb 10

Correspondence Module

Details about the Correspondence module and how to make use of it have been added.

18 Feb 10

Multimedia Audio/Video|Exclude Registry entry

The Multimedia Audio/Video|Exclude Registry entry has been removed from Vitalware.

26 Nov 09

New Certificate/Stock Registry entries

Two new Certificate / Stock Registry entries have been added:

  • Cancel Certificate Status

  • Stock Type

16 Jul 09

Mail Merge report


10 Jul 09

Metadata Resolution Registry entries

Two new Registry entries allowing the resolution of generated images to be specified.

09 Jul 09

Mail Merge Report

How to create a mail merge report has been updated due to changes with Microsoft Word.

26 Jun 09

Keying Duplicate Check Registry entry

Specifies which DuplicateCheck will be used by default when a record is being keyed.

24 Jun 09

New Registry entries

Security Stock:

  • QueueStock Numbers
  • Barcode Prefix
  • Barcode Length
  • StockProduct Codes
  • Automatic Print Report
  • Re-Issue Free
  • ImmediatePrint

22 Jun 09

Security Stock module

Details about how to manage security stock.

25 Mar 09


Updated further, in line with the new KE Reports trainingcourse.

25 Mar 09

Uniqueness checking and Auto-incrementation


04 Mar 09

Statistics module

Details about the Statistics facility (introduced withVitalware 2.4). This facility allows statistical information to be generated ona regular basis (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) and stored in the Statisticsmodule for later use.

22 Jan 09

Context IDs / Related Information

Context IDs have been added to the footer of most pages in this Help, making it easier to use the What's This Help utility to link directly to a page from within Vitalware.

21 Jan 09

Can Cancel Adoption Registry entry

Details of a new Registry entry that allows users/groups to cancel incorrectly added adoptions.

21 Jan 09

Security Stock module

Details about the Security Stock module, which keeps track of the movement of secure certificate stock. Use this module to record the receipt of Security Stock by your organisation, its distribution within your organisation, its return to secure storage, as well as missing stock. Associated with it are a number of scripts which report on lost or missing stock.

19 Jan 09

Lookup Exact

Details of a new Registry entry that enforces a strict comparison of terms entered into a Lookup List.

15 Jan 09


Overhaul of reports documentation. Sections that have been updated to date:

  • Introduction to Reports
  • How to generate a report in How to create a report in Microsoft Excel (without needing Visual Basic code!)
  • How to create a report: Step 1: Create the report in
  • How to create a report: Step 2: Design the report in a third party application: Crystal Reports
  • How to create a report: Step 3: Save the report to the server


14 Jan 09

Merge Records
View Attachments Registry entry


26 Nov 08

Copy Special: Cut & Paste in List View

The Copy Special utility allows you to specify what character(s) or notation should be used at the end of a paragraph or row when copying records in List View and pasting them into another application.

24 Oct 08

Record Templates

Vitalware 2.0.04 sees the introduction of the Record Template utility, which combines the functionality of the Ditto and Default Values facilities.

06 Oct 08

Impact Printer Newline Count Registry entry
Receipt Printer Name Registry entry

Details of two new Registry entries.

14 Aug 08

Image Display Registry entry

Amendment to this Registry entry (addition of a 6th Key).

16 Jul 08

Shortcut List

Amendment to this Registry entry (addition of a 6th Key).

02 Jul 08

Tools for Adding and Updating Records

Amendment to this Registry entry (addition of a 6th Key).

10 Jun 08

Duplicate Check Registry entry

Amendment to this Registry entry (addition of a 6th Key).

02 May 08

In Order Codes Registry entry

Registry entry that specifies that if an order contains more than one product type, the white copies are printed together rather than separated out from each other when batch printing. (This entry is only valid in the Vital Statistics Agency, Manitoba.)

24 Apr 08

Reset LinkGrids Registry entry

Registry entry that resets the cursor to the top left cell of a link grid when a user enters Insert / New mode.

22 Apr 08

XSLT processing of XML import files

Vitalware 2.4 has added XSLT processing as part of the Import tool for XML files: it is now possible to import an XML file and have it transformed as part of the Import process.

09 Apr 08

Context IDs

All Context IDs for topics in this Help with a number < 500100 have been changed. This affects approximately 60 topics and is only an issue if you have used Vitalware's Related Information function to link the Vitalware client to an affected topic in this Help.

20 Mar 08

Global Replace

Clarification about use of Global Replace functionality: all substitutions defined in the current session and displaying in the Replace box will be run when either the Replace or Replace All button is selected.

19 Mar 08

Record Recall

Details about the extension to the Audit Trails functionality, allowing the current version of a record to be "replaced" by an earlier version of a record.

07 Mar 08

How do I search attached documents?

Clarification on how to search text based documents stored in the Multimedia module.

28 Feb 08

Registry entries

Various Registry entries, including: Booking Surcharge Product; Double Key Clear; Print Certificate Status; Back Fill Event Details; Security Stock Padding; Marriage Rebooking Product; Query Databases; Query Fields.

27 Feb 08

Range Indexing Registry entries

Details about the Range Buckets Registry entry.

26 Feb 08


Details added to the Understanding how Vitalware works section describing new Range indexing options - essentially how Administrators can fine-tune Range indexing.

11 Jan 08

Registry Settings

Section reorganised to separate Client specific Registry entries from Registry entries that apply to every Vitalware implementation. Additional Registry entries added.

13 Dec 07

Various pages

Registry updated with new Registry entries: Maximum size Image|Default size View Attachments

30 Nov 07


Details about the new Groups module.

22 Nov 07

The Auditing Facility

Details about Vitalware's fully integrated auditing facility.

25 Sep 07

An example of how to use the Vitalware Help

Description of ways to search for an answer in this Help.

07 Sep 07

Stage 2: Using the Sample Code

Addition of a sample xsl stylesheet that can be easily modified to produce a new Page View (rather than creating a stylesheet from scratch).

29 Aug 07

Case Sensitive

Details about performing a case sensitive text search.

10 Aug 07

Import Identifier Screen

Clarification about use of the System identifier.

25 Jun 07

Query Defaults Registry entry Insert Defaults Registry entry

Updated with details about how to add multiple values to a search / new record by default.

25 Jun 07

Mandatory Registry entry


25 Jun 07

Context IDs for pages in this Vitalware Help

List of Page names and their Context IDs. Context IDs are required when linking Field Level Help for a field to related information (i.e. a page in this Help).

22 Jun 07

Customising Vitalware Help & Field Level Help

Various FAQs added for how to specify Related Information.

21 Jun 07

Related Information How to add Related Information

Describes how to add a link to a webpage, a page within the Vitalware Help, etc. from the Field Help dialogue box for a field. In the example below, selecting the Party Type details link under the See Also heading will open the Party Types page in the Vitalware Help:

21 Jun 07

Colours|Maximum Size Registry entry

Details added

24 May 07

Recording Objects

Section reworked

21 May 07

Standalone Registry entry

Correction to Registry entry format