Installation Notes

Due to a Windows security measure relating to .chm files it is not possible to run a .chm from the network nor locally without modifying the Windows Registry. When you install the latest release of Vitalware, the installation process resolves this issue, but if you download the Vitalware Help from our website you may find that the help pages do not display.

There are two possible solutions:

  • Replace the existing .chm file with the one downloaded (the existing .chm is located in Program Files>KESoftware>Vitalware(clientname).


  • If you don't wish to replace the existing Vitalware Help file:
  1. Download the .chm.
  2. Right-click the Help icon or file name.
  3. Select Properties from the menu that displays, e.g.:
    VW Properties
  4. Click Unblock.